Thursday Mens Club 18 Hole League News

The 2019 Thursday 18-hole league is underway. Please check the results for accuracy and errors. Thanks for getting your scores entered on the scoresheet.

On the team results sheet a players handicap is listed next to their flight, A or B. Below their handicap is the team game handicap that is based off the low mans handicap between the player and their opponent in their respective flight, A vs A and B vs B. Team net scores and points are based on the team game handicap. This is the same way handicaps are determined in match play events. Please email or call with questions.


There were 14 players under par this week with Jim Neilson and Mike Welch shooting net 65’s. Nicely done guys. Dave Sathre and Tim Amtson had net 67’s and Brad Fritch shot a net 68.


P. Sathre-Welch lead the week with 35.5 points followed by D.Sathre-Neislon with 33 points and Peterson-Fritch with 31.




The Thursday 18-hole league consists of a two-man team game with A and B players and a season long individual points race. There is 1 point available per hole and 6 bonus points available for front 9, back 9 and Total. The team game will be split into two halves with a playoff at the end of each half to determine the winners.  The first half winner plays the second half winner to determine the team champs and get bragging rights. The season long individual points race will count players best 10 finishes of the year.


Any Mens Club member can be a sub but be aware that we do have preferred subs on the roster so please call them first. All subs MUST be announced to the shop PRIOR to Thursday play. If you are unable to get a sub, let the shop know PRIOR to your match and they will find one. If a player does not play a sub may be used. If both players from a team do not show or get subs then the opposing team will play against their own handicaps and will get all bonus points. The team that did not show will score ZERO points.

Please remember to enter your scores on the scoresheet in the clubhouse. It only takes a minute to enter the hole by hole scores.

If a sub is being used the sub should enter their name and handicap where the regular players name is with a notation “SUB”. 

An existing league player cannot play as a sub for another team.

For question please see below to contact me.


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