Welcome! Here is some basic information about how the league operates.

A schedule is published at the beginning of the season. All your opponents and tee times are prearranged for the entire year. Call the pro shop if you absolutely need to change a tee time, but only if you have obtained your opponent’s approval first.

If you are unable to play your match, it is your responsibility to arrange for a substitute to play on your behalf. If you do not arrange for a sub, your opponent is forced to play against par, and you do not earn any points that week for yourself or your team. Please make an effort to locate a sub whenever you cannot play. Any member of the Men’s Club is eligible to sub for you; a list of members who have indicated an interest in subbing is provided and posted on the bulletin board. If you are unable to arrange a sub, let the pro shop know in advance; sometimes they are able to arrange a last minute arrival to play for you.

You are assigned to a four man team. Although you won’t normally play in the same group with members of your team, your match scores count toward your team’s standings as well as your own individual standing.

All league play is based on adjusted “net” scores based your USGA handicap.

As a Men’s Club member you are part of the official USGA handicap system. You will earn a handicap once you have posted at least five 18 hole or ten 9 hole scores. You can print your latest handicap card from the computer in the pro shop or on-line at home. The “home” or “C. H.” number on the card is your course handicap for Green Haven, and that’s the number we use as your handicap for league and Men’s Club play. Note we do not normally use the “index”. You can receive twice-a-month email updates by signing up at ghin.com.

As a new member, you will be assigned a temporary handicap to use until you have entered enough scores for your official handicap to be computed. This handicap may only be used for 9 hole league play, and is not valid for other Men’s Club events.

You are also assigned a “GHIN” number by the USGA. You’ll need to know this identification number to post scores on the ghin.com website or at other courses, or to sign up for automatic handicap update emails.

Matches are scored using an individual match play format with a total of 22 points available for the 9 hole round:

 a) Each hole has a total of 2 points available. You win two points if you win the hole outright by having the lower net score for the hole. You and your opponent each win one point if your net scores tie on the hole.

b) The lower total net score for the entire 9 holes wins an additional 4 points, or 2 points each if you tie.

c) Playing “against par”: If your opponent doesn’t show up for your match and has not arranged for a sub, you must play “against par”. You win 2 points for each hole where you shoot lower than your net par for the hole, 1 point if you tie your net par for the hole, and no points if you shoot higher than net par for the hole. You still earn the 4 extra points for winning the match regardless of your score.

d) The points you earn accumulate throughout the season. They count toward your own personal standings, and also toward your team’s standings.

All Men’s Club events are played based on the official USGA rules of golf. If you are unsure of how the rules apply to an on-course situation, consult with other members of your group. If necessary you can get a final ruling from the pro shop after the round.

Since our league uses a match play format, you are technically allowed to “give” putts to your opponent if you choose. However, “putting everything out” is preferred  for league play and is strongly encouraged. Also, if your opponent has entered that day’s “shop game” he needs to putt everything out anyway to keep things fair since prize money is on the line in the shop game.

Normally, one member of your foursome will volunteer to keep a scorecard for the foursome. Be sure your first and last name, handicap and date are clearly written on the scorecard.

After your round, enter the match results (points) in the binder located near or in pro shop. You are responsible to see that your match results are recorded, even if someone else in your group keeps score during the round.

After your round, turn in your scorecard to the pro shop. Do not enter your scores in the handicap computer ─ that will be done for you on league days.

Normally there is an optional shop game you can sign up for. The pro shop staff runs the event, and the format varies week to week. Typically there is a small entry fee with prizes are awarded in the form of shop credit. It’s a way to add some fun to your round, but doesn’t affect league results.

Keep up with the group ahead of you. Play ready golf. Plan your shot while approaching your ball. Always be ready to hit. Line up your putt while waiting for your turn. Putt out instead of marking your ball. Wait until you are at the next tee to record your scores. Let’s keep it moving!

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the ins and outs of league play right away. Just get out and enjoy your round. All the veterans will be happy to answer questions and help you enjoy the league as much as possible.

RH 4/19/14