Superintendent's Corner

By Ole, after a visit to the Green Haven Golf Course Superintendents Equipment Shop mid-December 2018.

New Green Mower in 2019

Good news from the equipment shop! A second new generation electric green mower will be added to the fleet this year. Golfers will feel the full impact of the updated equipment in 2019, with the ability now to put the advanced cut on all greens. These new cutting machines will be used every day in 2019, except on top dressing days.

Peak Speeds

With the addition of the second advanced generation mower we can look for increased green speed consistency in 2019. For Men’s Club Championships, the Men’s Club Putting Championship and during Larry’s Pro Am event is when we can expect greens speeds to peak. It proves to be a challenge for Mike Brual, Certified Golf Course Superintendent and his team, balancing green speeds vs. desired pace of play. Despite, his 2019 Agronomic Plan is set for our key events and will be watched and adjusted as needed. Mike shares he uses “special stuff to get it to peak”. Green Haven green speeds run 8-9, and sometime may reach 10 on the stimpmeter, a device used to measure the speed of a green. Every digit speed increase over 8 can add 15 minutes to a golfer’s round.

Ball Washer Scrub

The on course deep green Deluxe Par Aide ball washers recently returned from a full restoration. Par Aide is located in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. The ball washers are sent out every two years for a complete restoration inside and out. Mike estimates the current ball washers are between 10-15 years old, but out of the box it looks new. Golfers will notice the stiffness of the new internal brushes and the green shine on the outside. Ball washers are located on the odd holes on the front nine, even holes on the back nine. Each golf cart is also equipped with a ball washer. The towel dip bucket is also a nice extra; it’s in its usual spot.

Cross Country Ski Trail

Trail grooming is almost underway. The crew grooms the Green Haven 5k cross country ski track and the ski track at the Anoka Nature Preserve. Grooming is performed after snow falls. A one foot base is required to get the track going; at writing Mike says there is currently little or no base to report. Mike’s team started grooming the trails in 2013. They use a special Arctic Cat snow machine with a “Grooming Special” set up. It is cooled differently and geared low for the drag and equipped with a shovel rack.

Irrigation Pump Performance Declining

The golf course irrigation well pump’s performance is declining. Watering occurs for the golf course overnights during the growing season. The watering window is fixed sun down to sun up, and the pump is not keeping up to the 1,000-1,100 gallons per minute required. The pump will be inspected and parts replaced as needed come spring. Once the process is completed the pump will be back to full service. We won’t see this and may just notice fewer sprinklers running during daytime hours. The irrigation pump is located behind a square fence near the path East of #16 tee.

Daily Movement on Course Adjacent Properties

Almost daily movement is being reported on properties surrounding the course for the large scale City of Anoka re-development plans that could ultimately benefit the golf course. Large single family homes along 16 and townhomes along 15 are expected. I asked Mike for the driving range in his mind’s eye granted anything was possible. The interesting style of target greens and the short game spaces he described are a thing of beauty. Golfers should start to see major changes to the areas adjacent holes #15 and #16 in terms of dirt work and construction in early 2020. Its hopeful resources from the project will flow to the golf course.

Hogan’s Last Lap

Hogan, the loyal pup commonly seen running along Mike’s work cart is in declining health and may not be seen come spring Mike reports. Named Ben Hogan’s Apex, Mike brought Hogan with him to Green Haven and proved to be a key asset in the battle of effective goose control. The Green Haven lab may have taken his last lap around the track and chased his last goose.

Early Spring?

Word from the shop on the weather outlook is to look for a warmer than normal winter, with average to slightly below average precipitation. Let’s hope that nets us an early spring. Cheers!

Superintendent's Corner

Frost delay.jpg

Expect Spring Frost Delays 

Greenhaven Certified Golf Course Superintendent Mike Brual is ready for Spring Frost; in this edition he shares why sometimes delaying start times proves critical to our golf experience and the health of the asset that is our golf course. One new frost delay benefit for golfers is we should be able to find a “good hot cup” in the new restaurant when the news of frost delay comes. Let’s approach those times with a new understanding of what is occurring in the golf shop and the pressure building down the hill. Thanks to Mike for his time and insight in sharing new information about the golf course and its Turf Management and Maintenance Operation. As for the hot cup, time will tell.
— Chris Olson

As winter starts to give way to spring-like temperatures, the desire to hit the golf course intensifies. It also signals a change in golf course management activities that can affect one’s game and the condition of the course.

Here in Anoka and many areas of the country, golfers occasionally face frost delays in the spring, thus pushing back starting tee times. When frost is present we delay play and maintenance until the frost has melted. This is done to prevent damage that affects the quality of the playing surface and could potentially be very expensive to repair.

Frost is basically frozen dew that has crystallized on the grass, making it hard and brittle. A grass blade is actually 90% water, therefore it also freezes. Because of the short mowing height and fragile nature of the turf, putting greens are the most affected by frost. Walking on frost-covered greens causes the plant to break and cell walls to rupture, thereby losing its ability to function normally. When the membrane is broken, much like an egg, it cannot be put back together. 

As Turf Managers we do not like to delay play, but are more concerned about turf damage and the quality of conditions for the golfer. Frost also creates hardships for our maintenance operation as all course preparations are put to a halt until thawing occurs. Golf carts also can cause considerable damage, therefore staff cannot maneuver around the course to mow, change cups, etc.…

- Mike Brual CGCS


Superintendent's Corner


New Green Mower

Green Haven added a new piece of equipment to the fleet this year: a brand new Toro Green Master 3320 Tri Flex Hybrid. Certified Golf Course Superintendent Mike Brual shares that the flexing mower cutting heads move better and follow the natural contour more closely. The cut is intended to better mirror the cut of a walking mower. The mower is also electric powered, meaning fewer hydraulic hoses with less chance for drips, leaks and problems from the fluid power system. The machine also runs much quieter.

The net effect will be a “better putting surface” for us to enjoy. This is the only machine of the type in the fleet, each year the plan is to add one, many factors permitting. 

More about the course equipment fleet: Our course is maintained with three fairway mowers, one primary rough cutter (new in 2017), one bunker raking machine, two collar and approach mowers (these mowers are pre-set to specific heights), three green cutting machines (including the new 2018- 2230 Tri Flex Hybrid), one large sprayer, and one large top dresser/sander. 

Greens are planned to be rolled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (weather permitting).

Thanks to Mike and his staff for the excellent job they do!

by Chris Olson

Come to the Smoker March 3

Smoker Logo.jpg

Come to Green Haven Saturday, March 3 for our annual Smoker from 11:00 to 3:00.

  • Enjoy free food and a beverage or two with old friends.
  • Pay your dues, sign up for leagues and some events.
  • Show off your skills in the putting game.
  • Vote for a Treasurer and two board members; the election ends at 2:00. Nominations can be made in advance or during the Smoker.
  • A short member meeting will be held at 2:30.

3/3/18 Election Results Update:
Treasurer: Mark Swenson
Board Members: Eric Przybyla and Shawn Walsh

New Member Referral Bonus

Refer two new members, get $50!

This great incentive is being repeated for 2018. Just refer two new members and get a $50 shop credit bonus. Tell your friends, co-workers and relatives what fun it is to be part of one of the most active men's clubs in the state. (Sorry, renewals don't count for the bonus.) 

There is no longer a new member initiation fee, so there's never been a better time to join.

50 Dollars.jpg

Members Lost

We lost two members this fall. They will be missed by many.

Mick Pipenhagen.jpg

Mick Pipenhagen passed away in late November. A long term member, he was often seen playing Tuesdays and Thursdays with his buddies. He had been retired for twenty years after a forty year career at Hoffman Engineering.

Scott Shoberg.jpg

Scott Shoberg passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in late October. He was active as a 9 Hole City League member and played in tournaments and events. He was an avid Vikings fan and worked as a Graphic Technician Coordinator for Flint Group.

Classic & Challenge Brackets

Here are the match-ups for this year's match play events (click for PDF):

Net Challenge Bracket
Gross Challenge Bracket
Classic Bracket


Round 1 matches must be played between May 1 and May 31
Round 2 matches must be played between June 1 and June 30
Round 3 matches must be played between July 1 and July 31
Round 4 matches must be played between August 1 and August 31
Round 5 & 6 matches must be played between September 1 and September 30

Handicap Posting Reminder

There have been a few questions and misinterpretations regarding the posting of handicaps. Below are the basic guidelines in order to follow the board's policies regarding posting of scores.
1 - The handicap chair posts ALL Thursday Men's Club rounds. Any member playing on Thursday must turn in their card to the pro-shop and the handicap chair will adjust and post the score as a HOME score.  In most cases these scores will be posted prior to the next handicap revision.
2 - All other days, members must post scores. All rounds are to be posted except when you play by yourself. You must have a witness playing in order to count and post the score. All other rounds must be posted.
3 - All scorecards are to be placed in the pro-shop computer room scorecard box. The handicap chair does a random check of cards to be sure scores are being posted and adjusted correctly.
4 - All scorecards must have all players first and last name, the playing date, and both 9 & 18 hole totals. If there is an adjustment, that should also be neatly written on the card.
5 - All adjustments follow the chart below. These are for posting scores only. All tournament and daily play should show the actual score. Adjustments are only made when posting scores.

  • Plus handicap players must adjust to a score no higher than a bogey on any given hole.
  • 0-9 handicap players must adjust to a score no higher than a double bogey on any given hole.
  • 10-19 handicap players can only post a score of 7 or lower on any given hole.
  • 20-29 handicap players can only post a score of 8 or lower on any given hole.
  • 30-39 handicap players can only post a score of 9 or lower on any given hole.
  • 40-49 handicap players can only post a score of 10 or lower on any given hole.
  • 50-59 handicap players can only post a score of 11 or lower on any given hole.

If you have any questions regarding handicaps, please feel free to contact Pat Murray (, Green Haven's handicap chair.

New Member Referral Bonus

Refer two new members, get $50!

This great incentive is being repeated for 2017. Just refer two new members and get a $50 shop credit bonus. Tell your friends, co-workers and relatives what fun it is to be part of one of the most active men's clubs in the state. (Sorry, renewals don't count for the bonus.) 

There is no longer a new member initiation fee, so there's never been a better time to join.


Score Posting Deadline

Monday, October 31, 2016, is the last day to post rounds played in Minnesota. Any round played in Minnesota in November through April is not to be posted to GHIN to determine a handicap index. 

However, any round played in a state that has a longer golf season than Minnesota should be posted. For example, Florida, Arizona, and California are 12-month golfing states and any round played in those states is to be posted year 'round.

Green Haven's pro shop handicap computer will be shut off so any rounds played that need to be posted should be posted at the played course, via your personal computer, or through your telephone.

If you have any questions regarding handicaps, please feel free to contact Pat Murray (, Green Haven's handicap chair.


New Men's Club Memorial Two Ball Tournament - August 14

Remember the "two ball calcutta" tournament years ago with the massive cash prize pools? This is a new take on that fun event. It is now a one day 18 hole event and is scheduled for August 14.

As the event name suggests, this tournament is being held in memory of the many great men's club members who have passed away.

Two man teams will be selected by a blind draw, and the format is 2 man best ball. Entry is open to Men's Club members only. The entry fee is $20 payable in the pro shop, and there is also a $50 players pool that you can enter the day of the event.

We hope you give it a try -  see you there!


Sad News About Members Passing

We are sad to report that two of our members recently passed away. Here are details about their upcoming services.

Rick Guzik
Visitation Friday, July 1, 9 a.m.-11 a.m. at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, 19921 Nightingale St. NW, Cedar, MN. A funeral service will follow at 11 a.m. The club provided flowers.

Chuck Lee
Memorial Gathering Saturday, July 9, noon - 2:30 p.m. with time for sharing at 1:00. Cremation Society of Minnesota, 7110 France Ave., Edina, MN 55435 (note address correction). The club contributed a memorial to the Animal Humane Society in Chuck's honor.

Let's keep their families and memories in our thoughts and prayers.

Green Haven Hosts Lancer Classic - A Charitable Golf Tournament with the Stars!

Consider taking part in this fun day of golf, a prime rib dinner, prizes, auction, autographs and hanging out with NHL alumni celebrity hockey stars. It will be held at Green Haven on Friday, June 10, 2016.

Proceeds benefit Anoka's Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. Come play and show that you care about our veterans.

Men's Club members receive a nice break on the entry fee: now just $120 (instead of $200).

Click here for more information.

Score Posting Reminder

1 - All Men's Club Members Thursday scores are to be posted by the handicap chairperson. Either turn your card into the proshop or put it in the scorecard box in the computer room. If you play from the yellow tees, make sure you clearly indicate that on the card.

2 - All scorecards should have first and last legible names on the scorecards. If the names are not legible, the scores will not be posted.

3 - All scorecards are to be added and clearly indicate the final score. Scorekeepers should also indicate any score adjusting.

4 - All Classic and Challenge matches MUST be posted. The cards must be turned in to the scorecard box in the computer room. Be sure to indicate on the card that the score is either a CLASSIC or CHALLENGE match. Also, be sure to post all CLASSIC and CHALLENGE matches as HOME TOURNAMENT scores.

5 - If you don't know how to post a score for match play (Classic and Challenge matches), be sure to contact either the pro or the handicap chairperson. They should be able to explain how to handle "gimmies" and "pick-ups".

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