Handicap, Scorecard, and Posting Guidelines


  • All scorecards need to have first and last names - no nicknames or first names only.
  • All scorecards need to have the playing date.
  • All scorecards need to be legible - write neatly.
  • All scorecards need to have scores totaled - both 9’s and 18.
  • All scorecards should have the gross total and the equitable score total.
  • All scorecards are to be put into the computer room scorecard box after play - ALL SCORECARDS - not just Thursday cards. This includes any score posted via internet or at away golf courses.
  • All Challenge (Net and Gross) and Classic match scorecards are to be placed in the scorecard box in the computer room.
  • All Challenge and Classic scorecards are to be IDENTIFIED as a CHALLENGE or CLASSIC match. Write CHALLENGE MATCH or CLASSIC MATCH in BOLD on the scorecard.

Score Posting

  • All Challenge and Classic matches are to be posted by the players as TOURNAMENT scores.
  • Whenever a player plays 13 or more holes, the score is to be posted as an 18-hole score. Holes not played use the players handicap to determine score for holes not played. (i.e. a 10 handicap player who does not play 14-18 gets a par on 14 & 18 and a bogey on 15, 16, & 17)
  • All scorecards need to be verified and signed by all players. VERIFY your scores and SIGN your scorecards after all rounds.
  • All rounds must be verified by a playing partner. No rounds played alone are to be posted - you MUST have a playing partner in order to be a legal round of golf. (new 2016)
  • All tournament scores will be posted by the handicap chair. Only the Challenge and Classic tournament matches are to be posted by the players.
  • If a mistake is made regarding a posted score (i.e. wrong score, a wrong date, duplicate scores, etc.) the player should either write a note and place it in the computer room box or email the handicap chair (patrickjamesmurray@comcast.net) and describe the mistake. The handicap chair will make corrections.


  • If a member purposely posts a score that is incorrect or posts another members score that is bogus, that member will be brought to the Anoka Men’s Club board of directors for immediate dismissal from the club.