Reminders About Scorecards and Posting Scores

scorecard filled in.jpg

1 - Be sure to TOTAL all score cards and include any adjustments. This is needed for all Thursday and Tournament cards.

2 - Be sure to have the DATE written on the cards. Cards without dates may not be posted.

3 - Be sure to include FIRST and LAST names on all cards.

4 - Both CHALLENGE MATCH scores and CLASSIC MATCH scores are to be posted and posted as (T) tournament scores. Score cards are to be placed in the score card box located in the pro shop. Be sure to write CHALLENGE MATCH or CLASSIC MATCH on the card to distinguish it from a regular round. If you don't know how to record "gimmies" or when someone drops out of a hole, either go to the MGA web site or ask one of the handicap committee members (Tony SImon, Dan Cowan, Pat Murray (chair), or one of the pros).