Superintendent's Corner


New Green Mower

Green Haven added a new piece of equipment to the fleet this year: a brand new Toro Green Master 3320 Tri Flex Hybrid. Certified Golf Course Superintendent Mike Brual shares that the flexing mower cutting heads move better and follow the natural contour more closely. The cut is intended to better mirror the cut of a walking mower. The mower is also electric powered, meaning fewer hydraulic hoses with less chance for drips, leaks and problems from the fluid power system. The machine also runs much quieter.

The net effect will be a “better putting surface” for us to enjoy. This is the only machine of the type in the fleet, each year the plan is to add one, many factors permitting. 

More about the course equipment fleet: Our course is maintained with three fairway mowers, one primary rough cutter (new in 2017), one bunker raking machine, two collar and approach mowers (these mowers are pre-set to specific heights), three green cutting machines (including the new 2018- 2230 Tri Flex Hybrid), one large sprayer, and one large top dresser/sander. 

Greens are planned to be rolled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (weather permitting).

Thanks to Mike and his staff for the excellent job they do!

by Chris Olson